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The Pawsigns' Birth Charts

Discover the celestial secrets of your beloved pet with Pawsigns' Birth Charts. Tailored specifically for cats and dogs, our birth charts offer a window into your pet’s unique astrological makeup, revealing how the stars and planets influence their personality and behavior. Whether you're new to astrology or a seasoned enthusiast, our birth charts provide valuable insights into your pet's character, needs, and traits, all through the lens of their zodiac signs.

Zodiac quizzes

At Pawsigns, we understand that not all pet owners know their pet's exact birth details. Our Zodiac Assessments allow you to build a birth chart with any level of astrological knowledge. Whether you're aware of your pet's full zodiac profile or just starting to explore, our assessments guide you in creating a birth chart that resonates with your pet’s known or perceived astrological placements, ensuring a meaningful and personalized astrological exploration.

Birth Charts

A Pawsigns Birth Chart is a comprehensive astrological profile that maps out the key zodiac traits and characteristics of your pet's Sun sign. It delves deeper into their emotional world and instincts through Moon sign analysis, and explores their outward personality and behaviors through their Rising sign. Additionally, the chart examines how your pet communicates (Mercury sign) and their relationship dynamics (Venus sign), offering a complete picture of their astrological influences.


Our birth charts are uniquely customizable. You can incorporate up to two breeds from a selection of over 270 options, enriching the astrological reading with breed-specific insights. This fusion of zodiac traits and breed characteristics provides a more nuanced and accurate portrayal of your pet's personality, making each chart as unique as your furry companion.

Dive Even Deeper into Pet Astrology with Pawsigns!

Want to learn more about the celestial connection between you and your pet? Check out our videos and reels on social media. Discover insights and connect with your furry friend on a cosmic level.

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