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Are you a part of an Animal Welfare Organization?

Claim your free lifetime subscription now for access to our Adopt-Me Zodiac reports, and get a chance to receive a portion of Pawsigns' profits!

How Pawsigns Astrology Gives back

Pawsigns isn't just a pet astrology mobile application; it's a commitment to uplift animal rescues, shelters, foster communities, welfare organizations, and others across the nation. Our passion transcends celestial insights, anchoring deep into the heart of animal welfare.

Free Membership

Animal Welfare Organizations are eligible to receive a lifetime membership to Pawsigns Astrology and exclusive access to our "Adopt Me" Reports.

Monthly Drawing

Eligible Animal Welfare Organizations will be entered into our Monthly Drawing- which selects 3 groups to share 20% of our monthly subscription profits and 100% of our Merch Shop Profits. 

Future Projects

Pawsigns Astrology is making even more moves to help those who help animals. An additional 20% of our Mobile App Profits go towards the development of our upcoming animal welfare mobile app, and other future projects. 

Free Pet Astrology For Every Adoption

Adopting a pet just got more celestial with PawSigns. Every new adoption earns a complimentary 3-month journey into pet astrology. Discover, bond, and celebrate.

Every month, Pawsigns holds a drawing, where three deserving animal organizations are chosen at random to receive donations. These selected groups will enjoy 20% of our mobile app's monthly gross profits and a whopping 100% of our merchandise profits. While we actively seek out and add organizations to our drawing pool, applying directly or inquiring with us can ensure your organization is included. We highly encourage groups to get in touch to see if they're already on our list or to join the roster!

The Monthly Drawing

Selection Process

At PawSigns, we prioritize fairness and inclusivity in our monthly drawing. Organizations aren't just passive participants; they're an essential part of our mission. While we actively seek out shelters and rescues, we always encourage direct applications to ensure every deserving organization gets its moment under the spotlight.

Our Donations

Our commitment translates into tangible support. Every month, three chosen organizations receive a portion of our love - 20% of our mobile app's profits and a generous 100% of merchandise profits. This isn't just about numbers; it's our way of fueling the tireless efforts of those who ensure every pet finds a warm home.

Drawing Process

Trust is the foundation of our drawing process. We use Random Picker, renowned for its unbiased methodology, to select our monthly beneficiaries. Every drawing is open for public scrutiny, ensuring absolute transparency. Check out our past drawing records and learn more about how Random Picker champions fairness here.

Additional Perks

Our collaboration extends beyond donations. Partnered organizations benefit from our 'Adopt Me Reports', designed to elevate adoption profiles, making every pet's celestial characteristics shine. Plus, new adopters from our partnered shelters and rescues get to embark on a 3-month astrological journey, entirely on us.

More Questions?

  • Help Us Spread the Word
    While there is no obligation to promote Pawsigns on your organization's social media pages, we humbly request your support in sharing our app with your followers. By increasing our subscriber base, we can raise more funds for animal rescues and amplify our collective impact. Your help in spreading the word about our app would be immensely appreciated.
  • When does the drawing happen?
    At the beginning of each month, we will hold a live drawing online to determine who will receive a share of the prior month's profits. Drawing date will be released at the end of each month- it will take place within the first week of the month. Ensuring us time to get our numbers together. This event is streamed on our social media pages, spotlighting the lucky winners. To uphold our commitment to transparency, we'll also present a clear display of our monthly earnings. Regarding the donations: due to varying processing times from app stores, we ask winners to anticipate receiving their full donation within a 60-day window. This is necessary to deal with possible disputes/issues. As we grow and streamline our processes, we are ardently working towards shortening this waiting period. Should your organization be drawn as a winner, rest assured, we will reach out directly to coordinate the donation process. Once an organization claims victory in a drawing, it will take a one-year hiatus from the pool. After this period, and upon reapproval, the organization becomes eligible for reentry. We understand the relentless journey of aiding animals, and this system ensures a fair rotation of beneficiaries. For an in-depth understanding of the payout structure and schedule, kindly request our 'Organization 101 PDF'. And don't forget to check the banner at the top of the page for essential dates related to the next drawing and application deadlines. Organizations will receive an email prior to the drawing with information.
  • Who's Eligible for the Pawsigns Monthly Drawing?
    We warmly welcome all animal shelters, rescues, organizations, and groups to apply. At Pawsigns Astrology, our passion extends to supporting the dedicated champions of animal welfare. We invite all non-profit animal shelters, rescues, organizations, and groups with a 501(c)(3) status in the U.S. or a registered charity status with the Canada Revenue Agency in Canada to be a part of our monthly drawing initiative. Our vision is expansive, and we are actively working on extending our reach to global animal welfare groups in the near future. However, some essential criteria must be met: Compassionate Care First: We don’t entertain applications from kill shelters. Our ethos is rooted deeply in the promotion of welfare and compassionate care for every animal. Ethical Standards: It’s vital for us to partner with organizations that reflect our values. We will not support any group with a known history of animal mistreatment, fraudulent activities, misappropriation of funds, or any actions that might harm animals or tarnish the transparency of our drawing. Genuine Dedication: Our focus is to back organizations that genuinely live the spirit of animal rescue and care, holding themselves to high ethical standards. For a detailed understanding of our selection process, we strongly recommend reviewing our rules and eligibility criteria. Our mission is to shine a light on those who tirelessly work for the well-being of our furry friends, and together, we hope to make a world of difference.
  • How does the drawing work?
    We at Pawsigns are committed to ensuring complete transparency in our monthly drawing process. Here's a breakdown of how we make it happen: Platform of Choice: We use Random Picker for our drawings, a trusted platform known for its unbiased selection process. Past Drawings: Curious about our previous selections? You can view the public record of past drawings here. Day of Drawing: On the designated drawing day, participating organizations will receive an email from us. This email will provide a live link to the drawing and our monthly financial reports detailing the donation amounts. Spreading the Word: We also take to our social media channels to announce the results and share more about the lucky organizations spotlighted for the month. Interested in understanding more about how Random Picker ensures a just and fair drawing process? Dive in here.
  • Cost-Free Participation
    We believe in making a positive impact without imposing any financial burden on organizations. Therefore, there is no cost associated with entering the drawing. We want to ensure that all eligible shelters and rescues have an equal opportunity to receive the donations they need to continue their crucial work. There are also no social media interaction requirements for organizations to receive their free account/be entered in the drawing. But we won't discourage it. 😉
  • Application Process
    We ask organizations to apply as it is difficult for us to find every organization out there. We are actively adding organizations as we speak- ensuring some lovely surprises. Applying is simple and convenient. All you need to do is fill out this application, Filling out our application is a simple process that allows us to understand your organization and its needs. Here's a brief explanation of how to complete the application: Organization Information: Provide the basic details of your organization, including the name, contact person, email, phone number, website (if applicable), mission statement, year established, and address. Organization Description: Describe your organization in detail, including the types of animals you rescue and the services you provide. Share your organization's history, accomplishments, and any unique aspects that make you stand out. You have a maximum of 300 words to express your organization's essence. Funding Needs: Explain how you would utilize the donation if selected. Provide a breakdown of how the funds would be used to support your organization's mission and activities. Be specific and concise, using a maximum of 300 words to outline your funding requirements. Impact and Success Stories: Share a specific animal rescue or rehabilitation case that highlights your organization's impact. Describe the animal's condition, the steps taken for their recovery, and the positive outcome achieved. Use up to 300 words to paint a compelling picture of the work you do. Social Media and Online Presence: If applicable, provide links to your organization's social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and website blog. This helps us get a better understanding of your online presence and community engagement. Additional Information: Answer a few additional questions, such as whether you are a registered nonprofit organization or have 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Additionally, let us know how you learned about this donation opportunity. Keep your response within 100 words. Declaration and Signature: Confirm that all the information provided in the application is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. Electronically sign the application to signify your agreement with the terms and conditions. Once you have completed all the sections, simply submit the application. If we have any further questions or need additional information, we will reach out to you using the contact details provided. We appreciate your dedication to animal welfare and wish you the best of luck in being selected for the donation.
  • Other Perks Of Teaming Up With Pawsigns
    Apart from potential donations, partnered organizations benefit from our Adopt Me Reports, free lifetime memberships, and a 3-month free astrology insight for new adopters.
  • What is the Monthly Drawing?
    Our monthly drawing is an exciting opportunity to make a positive impact on animal rescues. Every month, we randomly select three deserving organizations to receive a generous share of 20% of our monthly gross profits and 100% of our Merchandise Profits. As our app gains popularity and success, the funds we donate to animal rescues will increase significantly, enabling us to help even more animals in need.
  • Rules and Eligibility
    Monthly Drawing Rules and Eligibility
 Eligibility: Animal shelters or rescues that are registered nonprofit organizations are eligible to participate. Shelters or rescues must have 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status or its equivalent in their respective country. Only shelters or rescues that do not engage in euthanasia or operate as kill shelters are eligible to apply.
 Application Process: Applicants must complete and submit the provided application form to be considered for the monthly sweepstakes. All information provided in the application must be true and accurate to the best of the applicant's knowledge. Incomplete or false applications may result in disqualification from the raffle. Verification Questions: Applicants may be required to answer verification questions to confirm the authenticity of their organization and their eligibility. These questions may be related to the organization's mission, services provided, previous rescue cases, or any other relevant information.

Behavior and Rejection of Applications: Pawsigns reserves the right to reject applications if there is evidence of past or ongoing bad behavior by the organization or its members. Examples of bad behavior include but are not limited to: mistreatment of animals, fraud, misappropriation of funds, or any actions deemed harmful to the welfare of animals or the integrity of the sweepstakes.
 Monthly Drawing Prize: Three animal shelters or rescues will be selected as winners each month. Each winner will receive a share of 20% of the mobile application's monthly gross profits as a donation for their organization. The donation amount may vary each month depending on the mobile application's performance. Cost and Additional Steps: There is no cost to enter the monthly drawing. Once an application is received and accepted, no additional steps or obligations are required for one year. After one year, the applicant will need to renew their application to continue participating in the monthly raffle. The renewal process will be designed to be easy and convenient for applicants.
 By participating in the monthly drawing, applicants acknowledge and agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the mobile application. The mobile application reserves the right to modify or amend the rules at any time. In case of any disputes, the decision of the mobile application will be final and binding. 
If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact us at
  • Can I request more information?
    Of course! We've put some together in our Organization Welcome Packet available to interested Animal Welfare Groups- just send us an email to request more information and with any other questions at
  • Application Updates
    Once an organization's application is received and accepted, there are no additional steps required required. You will remain in our pool indefinitely. If your organization has to shut it's "doors", please let us know so we can remove your name from the pool, ensuring others the excitement of winning. If you need to change anything on your application email
  • How can I help support Pawsigns' mission?
    You can support our mission by subscribing to our horoscope services for your pets and spreading the word about Pawsigns. The more subscribers we have, the greater our ability to generate funds for the monthly donations.
  • How can I contact Pawsigns for further assistance?
    If you have any additional questions or need assistance, please reach out to us at . We will be happy to assist you.
  • How does Pawsigns support animal welfare?
    Pawsigns is committed to making a positive impact on animal welfare. We donate 20% of our gross profits each month to three randomly drawn animal shelters, rescues, organizations, or groups dedicated to animal welfare.
  • Can I suggest improvements or provide feedback for Pawsigns?
    Absolutely! We value your feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to share your thoughts or ideas with us. Your feedback helps us improve our services and better serve the pet-loving community.
  • How much does it cost?
    Pawsigns is 100% free for all of our participating animal shelters, organizations, rescues and groups. For all of our other subscribers access to Pawsigns Astrology is $3.99 a month.
  • Can I share my pet's horoscope on social media through Pawsigns?
    Yes, Pawsigns provides options for users to share their pet's horoscope on popular social media platforms. You can easily spread the astrological fun and share your pet's unique traits with your friends and followers.
  • What is Pawsigns?
    Pawsigns is a mobile application that provides custom daily horoscopes for pets. Our goal is to offer pet owners insights into their furry companions' personalities, behaviors, and potential opportunities for growth.
  • How does Pawsigns determine horoscopes based on breeds?
    Pawsigns combines astrology principles with breed-specific traits to generate accurate and tailored horoscopes. We analyze the typical characteristics associated with each breed and incorporate them into the horoscope predictions.
  • Can I access horoscopes for multiple pets on Pawsigns?
    Yes, Pawsigns allows you to create multiple daily zodiac reports for unique pets each day. The more pets the merrier!
  • Can I use Pawsigns for mixed breed pets?
    Absolutely! Pawsigns caters to both purebred and mixed breed pets. We take into account the primary breed(s) of your pet to generate the horoscope, providing insights that align with their unique genetic makeup.
  • How can I access the daily horoscopes for my pet?
    After downloading and installing the Pawsigns mobile application, you will be prompted to provide information about your pet. Once you have provided the necessary details, you will receive custom daily horoscopes for your furry friend.
  • How do I cancel my subscription/delete my account?
    Open the application on your mobile device and head on over to account settings. Follow the instructions.
  • What if I don't know my pet's birthdate?
    Don't worry! We have created a Quiz for you to take to help determine your pet's sign. While we cannot guarantee its accuaracy, it has been very accurate so far! The quiz is available on the mobile application, when you add a new pet.
  • How do I apply?
    For more information on our application process and a link to apply click here.
  • What about all the other pets?
    Currently, we are only offering custom horoscopes for cats and dogs. But don't worry! In our next updates, we will continually add more animals. Let us know what pet(s) you would like us to add.
  • Can I nominate an animal shelter or rescue for the monthly donations?
    Nominations are not required ever! Just send your favorite local shelter a link to our website. This way we ensure that the selection process is randomized to provide equal opportunities to all eligible organizations and urge any organizations eligible to apply.
  • Are the horoscopes accurate?
    The horoscopes provided by Pawsigns should be considered for entertainment purposes only. While we strive for accuracy, we cannot guarantee the outcome or absolute precision of the horoscope predictions.

Setting Up Your Free Account

Are You Registered? If you're not sure whether your organization has been listed or if an email might've been missed, simply drop us a note at to find out.
Claiming Your Account: To begin, you can download our app from your preferred app store or access PawSigns directly on a browser or desktop here. Ensure you enter the email address you've provided during your application. If you encounter any issues, like a missing password reset link, please reach out to for assistance.
Enjoy! Step into our celestial realm, and deepen your understanding of the animals under your care through the lens of the zodiac

Claim Adoption Promo Codes

The Process Simplified:

  • Adoption Finalized: Once the adoption/foster setup is complete, it's time to gift them a promo code.

  • Generating Promo Codes:

    • Visit our mobile app or use the browser version at

    • Tap on the heart emoji.

    • Click "generate codes" situated beneath the cat and dog emojis.

    • After a brief overview of the promotion, you can choose to generate up to 12 codes at a time.

    • Select the quantity needed and hit "generate".

    • The promo codes will be displayed on the subsequent screen, accompanied by a download option.

  • Distribution: Make use of one of our suggested methods for sharing (outlined on the following page) or showcase your creativity! A word of caution: misuse of these free promo codes, such as distributing them to individuals not involved in adoption/fostering, will lead to the deactivation of your account and removal from our drawing pool.


Key Points to Remember:

  • One-time Use: Each promo code is valid for a single use.

  • Intended Audience: These codes are strictly for individuals who've recently adopted or fostered pets. For those dedicated souls who regularly foster animals, direct them to us! We'd be more than happy to arrange an exclusive account for them, akin to yours. Just reach out to Molly. While only registered non-profits are eligible for

  • Code Generation: Owing to the sheer number of adoptions and partnering organizations, please generate codes exclusively through our app. We are working on physical Pawsigns kits to send to you- merch, dog/cat toys, business cards/stickers for promo codes, and more.

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