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Download Pawsigns Astrology

Dive into a universe where the stars align for your feline and canine companions. Access in-depth horoscopes for cats and dogs, uncover weekly zodiac breed insights with over 3,000 readings at your fingertips, and delve into intricate behavioral charts. Unsure of your pet's birthday? Our zodiac quiz has got you covered. As an added perk, enjoy a cool 30% off on all our merch. Every time you use our app, take comfort in the fact that 40% of our profits go directly to supporting animal welfare. A treat for you, a treat for them, and a boost for the universe!

Want to Maximize Your Impact?

Want to make the most of your support for our animal welfare initiatives? By signing up directly through our website and then downloading our app, you sidestep hefty App Store fees. This means a bigger slice of your subscription directly benefits the causes we're passionate about. So, sign up online, then dive into our app – and know that your commitment goes even further for our four-legged friends!

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