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Pawsigns' Adopt Me Reports

Delve into the celestial secrets of our furry friends! We are elated to present our unique "birth chart" reports, specially crafted for Animal Welfare groups, to assist and elevate the adoption process.

Customize it!

Breed Insights: Optional feature that dives into 178 dog breeds and 93 cat breeds, blending breed-specific traits with zodiac insights.
Zodiac Quiz: For pets with unknown birthdays, our special zodiac quiz approximates their sign, ensuring every animal has a starry story.
Age/Sign Annotation: If the exact birthdate is unknown but the approximate age or sign is known, it can be noted for more accurate profiling.


Zodiac Character Overview: Delve into the essence of a pet’s zodiac sign, painting a vivid portrait of their cosmic personality.
Key Traits: Highlight the defining characteristics associated with each sign, offering a unique insight into the pet's nature.
Home Compatibility: Understand the environment each zodiac sign thrives in, aiding in ensuring the perfect forever home.


Enhanced Adoption Profiles: Incorporate zodiac elements to make pet profiles more intriguing and distinctive.
Deeper Connections: Allow adopters to connect on both an emotional and cosmic level, fostering a bond that goes beyond the physical.
Zodiac Adoption Tips: Each report includes invaluable tips on how to highlight a pet’s zodiac traits during the adoption process, increasing their appeal and ensuring they shine in their truest light.

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