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Pet Astrology Like You've Never Seen

Pawsigns Astrology is your one-stop destination for all things pet astrology. We provide daily and weekly zodiac insights customized for your pet's specific needs. Our app is feature-rich, giving you everything from breed-based astrological insights to emoji-based behavior charts.

Daily Cat Horoscopes

Specially tailored for your feline friend. Uncover their whims, delights, the mood of the day, and insights into what might tickle (or tick off) their whiskers.

Daily Dog Horoscopes

Crafted just for your canine companion. Discover what they might be feeling, what to engage in, things to sidestep, the day's vibes, and so much more.

Breed Horoscopes

Dive deep with weekly horoscopes specifically designed for over 270 unique breeds of cats and dogs, bringing out the zodiacal nuances of each breed.

Zodiac Assessments

Unsure of your pet's zodiac placements? No problem! Whether you have a hint or are completely clueless, our quizzes will guide you to the answers.

Birth Charts

Pawsigns is thrilled to introduce the first-ever in-depth birth chart service for cats and dogs. Our customizable birth charts delve into the astrological nuances that shape your pet's personality and life journey. With over 270 breeds to choose from, you can create a detailed celestial map that reflects your pet's unique breed characteristics and cosmic influences. Discover the astral secrets behind your pet's quirks and traits, and deepen your bond through the power of astrology.

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