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Welcome to Pawsigns Pet Astrology

The ultimate destination for pet lovers seeking astrological insights for their furry friends. As the first fully customizable pet astrology platform, we offer a unique blend of services tailored to your pet's celestial profile. Dive into daily and weekly horoscopes, explore breed-specific insights, and build detailed birth charts to uncover the cosmic influences on your pet's personality and behavior. Unsure of your pet's zodiac sign? Our innovative zodiac assessment tests can reveal their astrological placements. Plus, animal welfare groups can benefit from exclusive access to our "Adopt Me" reports and more. Join us in exploring the stars – where the love for pets and astrology meets!

Select your pet's sign to view their horoscopes for today, tomorrow and the week for free:


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Don't Know Your Pet's Sign?

If you're unsure of your pet's astrological sign, our Zodiac Quizzes are the perfect starting point. They'll help you discover your pet's potential Sun, Moon, and other planetary placements. Dive into our Breed Insights for a mix of astrological and breed-specific traits, and consider creating a detailed Birth Chart for a comprehensive celestial profile of your furry friend.

Zodiac Assessment Quizzes

At Pawsigns, we have a special place in our hearts for rescue pets. We understand that their birth dates are often a mystery. That's why we've developed a suite of zodiac assessment tests, designed to determine your pet's Sun, Moon, Rising, Mercury, and Venus placements. These tests are a fun and enlightening way to explore your pet's astrological profile, paving the way for a deeper connection and understanding of their unique traits and behaviors.

Birth Charts

Pawsigns is thrilled to introduce the first-ever in-depth birth chart service for cats and dogs. Our customizable birth charts delve into the astrological nuances that shape your pet's personality and life journey. With over 270 breeds to choose from, you can create a detailed celestial map that reflects your pet's unique breed characteristics and cosmic influences. Discover the astral secrets behind your pet's quirks and traits, and deepen your bond through the power of astrology.

Breed Horoscopes

Go beyond the stars with our weekly breed horoscopes, offering specialized insights for over 270 breeds of cats and dogs. Each week, uncover new dimensions of your pet's personality as we explore how their zodiac sign interacts with their breed's unique traits. With new breeds added weekly, Pawsigns offers an ever-expanding universe of astrological wisdom tailored to your furry companion.

But Wait, There's More!

Explore our Merch Shop for astrology-themed pet products, learn about our Animal Welfare Initiatives that support pets in need, and don't forget to download our Mobile App. It's your gateway to all things Pawsigns, offering easy access to our full range of pet astrology services and features.

Merch Shop

Browse our unique collection of matching owner and pet sets, showcasing the bond you share.  of Explore our diverse hat range and don't miss out on the Bodega Cat merchandise. Get 30% off with your premium subscription. 100% of profits go to Animal Welfare Groups!

Animal Welfare

At Pawsigns, we're about more than just astrology. Along with offering animal welfare groups free accounts and detailed 'Adopt Me' reports, we also run a monthly drawing where parts of our profits go straight to helping animals in need. Want to get involved or learn more about our work? Click below to join us or find out more.

Download the App

Unlock the full Pawsigns experience with our user-friendly app, now available on the App Store and Google Play Store. With the Pawsigns app, you'll have instant access to all our astrology features – horoscopes, birth charts, breed insights, and more, right at your fingertips. 

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